Resolution Q2

Ben Franklin’s 13 Virtues: Week 4, Q2

Resolution: “Resolve to perform what you ought; perform without fail what you resolve.”

Personal notes:

  • Act like you would if someone challenged you.
  • Do not approach things mildly when you could approach it decisively.
  • Deliberate purpose in everything.

Resolve is a tough virtue to master. This week, however, I can record an accomplishment; my wife and I, finally, after 4 years of talking about it, signed our last will and testament. Wahoo! Big stuff. Time to pop the champagne — no joke.

Ok, maybe I joke, but if anything, this experience has taught me that true determination does not materialize in a week. Resolution takes time; writing takes time. There are days I sit in a corner, mumbling like Winnie the Pooh, “Think, think, think”. To me, this blog is a test of resolve; each week I practice, hoping to prove my determination, and maybe improve my writing, too.

But that’s all we can do, practice; and give over to the idea that time is a concrete component of resolution. We shouldn’t suffer anxiety when big, important undertakings aren’t solved in an afternoon. The truth about our last will & testament: my wife and I made no headway until we broke down the 1 daunting task into 14 manageable steps. We wrote out a list and began scratching off smaller items with ease. This one change broke the impasse and our resolve came to fruition.